About me


I'm an artist working mainly in oils, interested in the suggestive boundaries between abstraction and figuration- what might be termed 'liminal' spaces - with a movement towards minimalism. A sort of painterly response to the poet John Berryman's credo: "Write as short as you can, in order, of what matters".


I'm also currently working on a series of paintings which explore the emotional resonances of various colourscapes. Artists that have influenced me in these respects - in no particular order - include Hodgkin, Mondrian, and Klein.

I have started painting relatively late in life; for over twenty years I have also been an award-winning journalist specialising in the insurance and reinsurance markets.


BSc (Hons) Psychology

London University, 2004-7

BA (Hons) English Language & Literature 

Oxford University, 1993-6

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E- marcusjamesart@gmail.com

T- +44 (0)7947 464572

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